Before joining the Real Estate business, Sandra moved eight times in twenty years – both nationally and internationally. Sandra also experienced relocating from Lima, Peru to South Florida and all the cultural changes and challenges that accompany such a move.
She has “walked in the shoes of her clients.” She knows too well the roller coaster of emotions when a family must sell a home and leave good friends. “I have had the unfortunate privilege of saying goodbye to many people who impacted my life and who are now just fond memories. When lives no longer intersect, busy people tend to lose touch. Once you relocate, your life is never the same!”
Sandra also knows the drama of looking for a new house. She is very familiar with the paperwork and procedures for buying or leasing a residence. “Because of schools and extra-curricular activities, location impacts your family’s future! Your home is an important place where children grow and families develop strong ties and a sense of belonging and community.”
Sandra loves to help people in need in her own community. She joined the mission, “A Place in Time Ministries,” an organization that provides food and provisions to the poor in South Florida. She is very active in her church where she is a dramatist, singer, and is the coordinator of the prayer ministry.
Sandra believes strongly in education. “I attained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Florida International University, with a minor in International Business. Thereafter, I decided to further my study and received my MBA in the Aviation Field from Embry Riddle University of Daytona Beach, Florida.” Sandra worked in the aviation industry for thirteen years sharpening her proficiency in negotiations, polishing her organizational skills and furthering her professionalism as she dealt with top-level executives and their assistants in the sale and purchase of airplanes and aviation paraphernalia.
Since Sandra started in the Real Estate Business, she has been personally trained by Real Estate coaches. In addition, she attended and continue to periodically attend to several Real Estate seminars, classes and webinars offered by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Association, the Miami Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors to update her knowledge and improve the service she provides for her clients in the Real Estate industry.
Sandra takes her clients very seriously; she cares for their needs and interests and treats them with professionalism. She has lived the past twenty two years in South Florida, getting enough experience in the Real Estate Business, along with her education and negotiation skills. Sandra has helped many investors, and regular buyers and sellers to achieve their objectives in their Real Estate needs and she is very eager and willing to help you, or someone you know, make the best possible Real Estate decisions.